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Amy Jackson becomes victim of cyber crime!

By Neharika, News Network

With countries pushing their economies to become fully digitalised, cyber crimes are increasing at an exponential rate. India is too progressing to become a digital economy, but the laws to prevent crimes which happen on internet are neither strict nor apt.

Bollywood actress Amy Jackson recently became a victim of this heinous crime. Someone hacked into her phone and posted her private photos on internet. Obviously, the actress is extremely irked and according to mid-day, she is planning now to file a complaint with cyber cell in London and Mumbai.

This all happened at a mobile store in Mumbai. She was returning from London to Chennai. She was in Mumbai to catch a connecting flight to Chennai when she visited a mobile store for some work. It is believed that possibly her phone was hacked at the mobile store and the perpetrator leaked her personal images online. She was quoted by mid-day saying, “I was shocked when this happened. This isn’t a trivial matter and has to be taken up seriously. I will register a complaint with the cyber crime cell in London and ensure the hackers are taken to task. Cyber safety is the need of the hour.”

It could be possible that her phone’s automatic sync uploaded all the content on iCloud and the accused could have hacked her phone and posted two pictures of her having dinner with a friend on internet. When she was unable to log into her account for few days, she grew suspicious and went for help to a local store in London where she got to know about the hacking.

A source revealed, “However, it was on February 7 when two pictures with her best friend having dinner appeared online that she realised her phone was hacked. She went to the service centre again before coming to India.”

Amy is not the only victim of cyber crime in Bollywood. Some time back, someone hacked Kareena Kapoor Khan’s PAN account too.