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Bachchan supports Marathi film

Amitabh Bachchan


Mumbai, Sept. 18 -- For the cast of an upcoming Marathi film, it was a special Tuesday (September 16) as Amitabh Bachchan congratulated them for their project and promised to lend his support to create awareness about the same.

The director of the movie, Manava Naik, tells us that Bachchan was happy to know that the film revolves around child trafficking, and that so many young actors are part of it. "Mr Bachchan represents India as the UNICEF goodwill ambassador, and he works for awareness on human trafficking. He was extremely happy that I have made my first full-length film on a social issue that concerns India."

Apparently, Bachchan not only congratulated the cast, but also assured them that he will spread the word. A friend of the director says, "The reason he said he would spread the word was because he liked the concept [of the film]. It is a serious subject packaged as an entertainer. He said that he would support the movie in his own capacity, and will urge people to watch it. He thinks that a message like this must be conveyed. He also wants to support us because there are many young actors involved in the project."