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Amit Trivedi strikes a chord on campus!

Amit Trivedi


New Delhi, March 11 -- The annual fest of Shri Ram College of Commerce was host to power-packed performances by artists around the globe. Day one of the four-day gala saw singer, composer and lyricist Amit Trivedi's two-hour act that set the stage for the celebrations to follow.

The singer belted some of his popular numbers and encouraged the crowd to sing along. Before starting his romantic song, Sawaar Loon, from the film, Lootera, Trivedi called out to the audience, saying, "Aankh matakka nahin kiya college mein, toh kya kiya!" Sawaar Loon was followed by another romantic track, after which Trivedi said, "I perform for others, I now want the crowd to perform for me."

The crowd happily obliged by singing Iktara from the film, Wake Up Sid, in unison. The romantic chapter on campus came to an end with the poignant song - Zinda Hoon Yaar Kaafi Hai (Lootera). Next, the singer asked students to find happiness within them and sang Kinare, from the movie Queen, which left the crowd asking for more.

Seeing the audience's reaction, the elated singer said, "When I am in a (recording) studio, it's a stiffened atmosphere ... but here I am much relaxed and celebrating music with the most amazing crowd." The performance was followed by fireworks and much cheering from the crowd.