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Singer Amaal Malik: Remake haters are jealous..


New Delhi, April 7 -- Singer-composer Amaal Malik's recreation of popular song Gulabi Ankhein, has been an instant hit. But the 25-year-old composer, says the remake was more of an accident and less of a conscious effort.

"It's funny. I had actually made another song titled Gulabi. The words and everything was different. Then just one day, I was in the studio and tried to sing the lyrics of Gulabi Aankhein in that song's arrangement, and surprisingly it was fitting well. I never really thought I would be remaking it. It just happened," adds Amaal, the son of music director Daboo Malik.

Remakes have become one of the hottest trends in the industry today, and Amaal too isn't averse to them. The composer, who has recreated popular hits such as Kar Gayi Chull (Kapoor and Sons, 2016) and Soch Na Sake (Airlift, 2016) believes that the people, who criticise the trend are 'jealous' of music composers.

"Those who say that it is very easy to recreate originals- I want to tell them that it's very easy to make such opinions," he laughs.

"Honestly, all those who say things like these are the first ones who dance on these recreations in a club on the weekend. In fact, the audience today, is liking the trend, and they are feeling the songs. You have to understand, that a producer would like to follow a trend, because they want their films to get popular, and when they see audience enjoying the trend. They would want to follow it," he says.

"I get the initial reaction, when people say that they don't like the new version. Thats natural, because they are used to listening the old one," he says.

He further adds, "But then five days later, you see the same bloggers dance to the new tune. That's when you know it's a hit."