Alia Bhatt
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Why CineBlitz cover proves that Alia is today's new girl!

Alia Bhatt

By Tulsi, News Network

She looks absolutely lovely in her simplest avatar – a polka dotted blouse, a leaf tiara and minimal make-up. The magazine cover calls her “FUNNY GIRL!”… And just that says so much about Alia Bhatt and the girls of today’s generation.

Gone are the days were gloss and glamour meant selling sex or looking unbelievingly (literally, with all that Photoshop) hot. That’s not what girls want to be today, and that’s not the kind of girls that guys are looking for today either!

It’s more about the personality. Sense of humour, for example, is sexy and attractive enough for boys/men instead of physical appeal. It’s no more about 36-24-36, lots of flawless skin and all that.  Alia Bhatt is neither tall nor skinny. She’s casual, crazy, and real. And that’s what today’s girls stand for.

Insecurity has gone out of the window, and girls-next-door are far more fun to be with than ravishing poster women.

Now that’s a good change, don’t you think?