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Sid-Alia won't play brother-sister in Kapoor & Sons

Alia Bhatt

By Tulsi, News Network

Hurray!!! The previous rumours about the two real-life lovers playing brother and sister on screen was honestly quite depressing! Especially since everyone has been so eagerly waiting for the two to pair up on screen again!

But we have KJo on the rescue, who cleared the air and confirmed that Sidharth and Alia are not playing siblings, and that the film is actually the good old love triangle between Sidharth, Fawad and Alia.

Phew! And here we thought we’d have to see their crackling chemistry as a brother and sister. That would be rather, strange.

Even the rumours about one of the brothers (Sid or Fawad) being gay and coming out of the closet on a family trip was rather incorrect! Though either Fawad or Sid playing gay would have actually made the movie so much more interesting than a love triangle. Don’t you think?

Anyway, what does make us glad about none of them playing gay in the film is that we might just catch Alia lip-locking both the handsome boys like she does in all her films!