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Rahman wants to cut an album with Alia!

Alia Bhatt

New Delhi, Feb. 17 -- Music composer A R Rahman is known, not just for creating evergreen melodies, but also for identifying good talent. His latest discovery is actor Alia Bhatt, who has sung Sooha Saha, in the upcoming film, Highway.

"Alia has got talent and I have told her that if she trains herself for the next two years, I will cut an album with her. She's got a very sweet voice and for that song, her voice suited perfectly. I didn't have to train her much, anyway. After she recorded, 80% of the work was done," said Rahman, who spoke to us over phone while he was with Alia and the rest of the Highway cast at the Berlin Film Festival.    

The 48-year-old composer also spoke about how actors in the West are multi-talented and that Bollywood actors should also dabble in different aspects of a film, and not just act. "I have always felt that actors should be multi-talented. In Hollywood for instance, actors Nicole Kidman and Michelle Pfeiffer also sing. Our stars should do that too," he said.

Ask him why we don't hear him sing so often these days, and he says,"I think it will be unfair on my part if I sing all of my songs (laughs). Actually, I want to discover better talent."    

Meanwhile, speaking about the experience of singing for Rahman, Alia had told us in an interview, "I was very nervous because he is 'A R Rahman' but he was very patient with me."