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The pair waiting to happen, Sid and Alia!

Alia Bhatt

By Tulsi, News Network

These two young, fresh and hot Bollywood stars have been linked with many other people. Especially Alia Bhatt, who manages to confuse the media with her closeness with co-stars. In fact, she is very possessive about her very first co-stars Sid and Varun. Now, Sid and Alia seem to be the happening pair, with closeness that’s growing into something special since the past few months.  

Just some time ago, during the film “Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya” Alia had been linked to Varun Dhawan. The grapevine suggested that something very steamy was brewing up between the two co-stars, especially post the film promotion closeness. However, that appeared to be just a one-sided love that left Alia disappointed. But the kick-ass girl is quite practical and strong and it’s very clear that she has moved on to the next co-star of “Student Of The Year”! Not that they haven’t been linked together by the paparazzi before, but this seems to be the real deal.

Karan Johar even tweeted some time back: “The pair waiting to happen, Sid and Alia.”

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