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New Delhi, June 4 -- With back-to-back hits, she has made a mark in Bollywood quite early on in her career. Now, we've been told that Alia Bhatt is set to expand her professional horizon even further. She will don the hat of a curator for an upcoming English TV channel.

"Alia has been officially roped in for the job that requires her knowledge as a representative of India's youth. She will be on the panel of the channel's think tank. As part of her job, she will brainstorm on marketing plans, what shows or movies should be picked up, and the overall content of the channel to make sure that the programming is youth-centric," says an insider about her role.

Although Alia is busy with her film assignments, it is believed that she has already started working on this venture. "She is excited to take up this challenge, since she had never even thought of doing something like this. She is coming up with several inputs and suggestions," adds the source.

One of the major reasons why the channel has roped the 22-year-old actor in is because of her "appeal" among the youth. The insider adds, "Alia is aware of the expectations the channel has from her. In fact, she has also discussed the project with her friends and family. Although she has been roped in officially, she isn't allowed to talk about it yet."

Despite repeated attempts, Alia couldn't be reached for a comment.