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No hot scenes between Fawad and Alia!

Alia Bhatt

By Tulsi, News Network

Oh no! And here we thought we were up for some real visual treat!

Kapoor & Sons is one of the most looked forward films right now! With a love triangle between the handsome Fawad, the it-girl Alia, and the hottie/cutie Sidhart, we couldn’t wait for the romance to brim.

There were even rumours of really hot kisses between Fawad and Alia… But those are all untrue. Fawad is a married man and refuses to get intimate with his co-stars. Not because of his wife, but because of the situation back home in Pakistan.

A source quotes: ““Fawad is not comfortable with the idea of getting physical in reel life. Even in his TV shows, Humsafar and Zindagi Gulzar Hai, which are romantic family dramas, there's no kissing or touching involved. The sex is implied. Fawad is extremely sensitive to the sensibilities of his conservative countrymen and has told Shakun and Karan to water down the scene, to rely on allusion rather than actual action. And during his next visit to Mumbai they will sit down and work together on the scene to ensure that it does not spark off any controversy later".

Implied sex? Like what? A moving car or hiding behind a flower? Okay.

But, we’re really, really hoping that some really intense romantce scenes take place between real-life lovers Sid and Alia! That’s definitely more exiting, and more sizzling, and more real.

Come on, this one shouldn’t be a problem..