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Mom on Alia Bhatt's teenage struggles..

Alia Bhatt


New Delhi, Sept. 28 -- Bringing up Alia Bhatt was not devoid of challenges for her mother, actor Soni Razdan, who says that the former changed when she hit her teens.

Soni, who was in a conversation with actor Raveena Tondon on her ongoing chat show, shared the challenges of parenting and how she dealt with Alia's struggles of teenage life.

"While shooting for the show, Soni went on to share one particular incident where Alia came home in a bad mood and directly ran into her room and slammed the door on Soni's face as she ran behind her to find out what was wrong with Alia. But when Alia didn't open the door on repeatedly being asked, Soni realised that it was probably a boy problem and decided to give her space," says a source.

Raveena, too, got nostalgic about her own teenage years. "Raveena realised how moody she used to behave with her own mother when she was a teenager and this even brought tears to her eyes," said the source, adding that Raveena even called her mother up to apologise.