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It's vacation time for Alia Bhatt!


New Delhi, May 2 -- This year has been quite successful for actor Alia Bhatt, with both her films - 2 States and Highway - having scored well at the box office.

And we have been informed that the young actor has taken some time off from her busy schedule now for a vacation to Paris with her mom, Soni Razdan, and sister, Shaheen.    

A source reveals, "Alia has decided to holiday in Paris and London for a week with her mother and older sister. The trio will make most of this opportunity to spend quality time together. Alia has not been able to spend a lot of time with them because of her busy schedule for the last few months. Now that she has had two back-to-back releases, she can take it easy until her next movie hits theatres."    

We tried reaching Alia's father, filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, but he wasn't available for a comment.

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