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Here's what drives these Bollywood stars up the wall!

Alia Bhatt


New Delhi, April 16 -- Alia Bhatt, who had earlier said that she has had a crush on Ranbir Kapoor, now says she is no longer interested in talking about it since the 'crush' has been blown out of proportion.

This comes a few days after buzz that Alia also had a similar 'crush' on Shahid Kapoor. "Thanks to such reports, I come across as a crazy person who has a crush on so many people (laughs). Let's not use the word so flippantly," she said. We take a look at other pet peeves of some stars - talking about this stuff is sure to get you a deathly stare!

Ranbir Kapoor Pet peeve: His relationship with girlfriend Katrina Kaif, and speculation that he left his parental house because of that. "So much has been written about it, it has become like a screenplay - that my father fought with me or that my mother is saying something and someone is demanding that I go outside. It's so silly," Ranbir had shot out.

Vidya Balan

Pet peeve: Pregnancy talk "I've been having some niggling health issues which needed attention. I needed to take time off and just get it sorted ... next thing I know, they said I was pregnant, and I said, 'Okay, for the tenth time in 10 months, (laughs) this is faster than Gandhari!" she said.

Anushka Sharma

Pet peeve: Talk of Virat Kohli. "I don't like to talk about my private life... I also feel that if I talk about my relationship, its sanctity goes away," she said.

Sonakshi Sinha

Pet peeve: Weight issues "These things have stopped affecting me now. I just want to be the way I am," she has said, fending off criticism.