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Bollywood Stars: What's in a (pet) name?

Alia Bhatt

Mumbai, April 29 -- Bollywood actors might enjoy hearing their names being shouted out from rooftops, but when they're at home, among their close friends and family, they're used to being called by pet names that not many of their fans are even aware of.

Varun Dhawan recently revealed to us that, as a child, he used to call Shraddha Kapoor 'Chirkoot'. "We've grown up together. Technically, if there is anyone who I have grown up with, it is Shraddha. And I remember I used to call her Chirkoot. Even she has a (pet) name for me. You should ask her what it is," says Varun.    

Shakti Kapoor's daughter isn't the only one with a funny nickname. Alia Bhatt got the name, Aloo, because she was a bit plump as a teenager. "My mom calls me Aloo Kachaalu. Some people call me Batata Vada, Aloo Baalu and Aloo Kalu... my sister calls me Alools. So, (I have) lots of different pet names," says the 21-year-old actor.

Like Alia, even Vaani Kapoor has several variations of her nickname. "They call me Vaangs, Kappoo, Veekey..." she said in an interview.    

Bipasha Basu is called Bonnie by her family. "I was born a bonnie baby; round, plump and healthy... so my name is Bonnie. The media and fans call me Bips," she was quoted saying in an interview.    

Even Parineeti Chopra has an interesting nickname. Her close friends and family call her Tisha. Her star cousin, Priyanka Chopra, is known as Mimi by her family members. "Her parents gave her the nickname after the French actress Mimi Rogers," an insider reveals. However, much later, Priyanka's Bluffmaster (2005) co-star Abhishek Bachchan gave her a new pet name - Piggy Chops - that has somehow stuck with her since.