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Alia's unconditional support (and love) to Varun..

Alia Bhatt

By Tulsi, News Network

Nothing has stopped Alia from promoting Badlapur so much! We hear that she’s been praising the film, asking everyone to go buy tickets, and listening to Badlapur on repeat (the song Judaai has hit a cord in her heart), and all of that.

Now, things between the two went really weird in the recent months. We all know about Alia’s feelings for Varun and Varun’s no feelings for Alia. Then Alia decided to date other SOTY co-star Siddharth. So things had to get strange between them.

But that’s okay. Alia is a sweetheart enough to show signs of a very good friend, no matter what. And here she is, encouraging her once upon a time great buddy.

Must say, she’s still young, but very mature!