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Alia feels that she has a long way to go!

Alia Bhatt


Mumbai, April 7 -- A few weeks back, she wrapped up work on her next, co-starring Shahid Kapoor. Soon after, Alia Bhatt signed director Abhishek Chaubey's film, which also incidentally stars Shahid.

However, Alia reveals that her role is completely different in this film, so it doesn't matter if the co-star is the same.

"When you have a different role in a different film, which is made in a completely different manner, it doesn't matter whether you have worked with the actor earlier or not," says Alia.

While the 22-year-old reveals that she has started sharing a comfort level with Shahid, she adds that sometimes that fact doesn't help while doing a film.

"At times, you end up playing characters that are not supposed to know each other. So, in that case, knowing your co-star doesn't really matter. When we are on the set, we come as two actors and two characters, more than the people that we are in real life," says Alia.

On another note, despite starring in films that did brisk business at the box office last year, Alia feels that she has a long way to go. "I am not being modest, but practical. You require a consistent body of work to become a star. So, I would say that I feel loved with all the appreciation, but it's still too soon. I am just two years old (in the industry). I need some more time," says the actor.