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Alia Bhatt in trouble!

Alia Bhatt

By Tulsi, News Network

Oh No! The poor actress has caught herself in a pricey controversy!

How? Well it was all just an innocent act. Alia is quite active on social media, especially Instagram. Well, just like any other day, she thought she posted just any other post of a picture of the song she was listening to (Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding).

No big deal? Well, the problem with the picture is that it has an illegal music website URL, which made this post turn into a celebrity endorsing piracy issue! Her post is being examined right now. But fans are in support of the girl-next-door cutie and commenting that this is how SoundCloud’s interface actually appears, and so she hasn’t downloaded the song herself.

Let’s hope she’s let off quickly and easily. Celebrities better watch their back these days! They’ve been attracting the limelight in all the wrong ways way too much..