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Alia Bhatt: A house for her mom!

Alia Bhatt


New Delhi, Aug. 21 -- Alia Bhatt has been having a good run at the box office, with three films in her four-film career being hits. Now, the 21-year-old actor, who had once told us that she gives all her money to her mother, actor Soni Razdan, is buying a house for her. She gets chatty about her plans, link-ups, and other things.

We've heard you are planning to buy a house in London for your mother. Is this true?

I want to buy her a house either in London or somewhere in the mountains. She has given me so much; this is the least I can do. So, I am working towards that. But right now, I am definitely planning to buy a house for myself in Mumbai. This will be an investment for me.

You have been linked with your co-stars, are these rumours?

I am not one of those people who will say things like, 'I don't believe in having a boyfriend'. I am quite open about these things, and currently, I am only in a relationship with my work.

Your cousin Emraan Hashmi was the 'serial kisser' in the industry. Now, you're being called Bollywood's 'female serial kisser'. Do you see yourself competing?

I think Emraan made a very interesting comment recently when he said that I will need a long time to do that. He also said that I will have to work much harder (smiles). And I believe what he said; even I feel that you can't take that title away from him so easily. I just hope it (the 'serial kisser' tag) stays in the family (smiles).