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Alia Bhatt on her linkups: "Jo sochna hai soche"

Alia Bhatt

By Tulsi, News Network

Yikes! This “it” girl is quite popular amongst the younger lot of the Bollywood boys! No wonder she has been linked up with a few of them… Especially Varun Dhawan before and now Sidharth Malhotra…

While we are quite convinced that Siddy and her are totally a “thing”, Alia Bhatt has got some more kick-ass stuff to say about this whole relationship link-ups stuff.

She says:
“It’s an extremely personal space and that’s one part of my life that I want to secure. Abhi situation aisi ban gayi hai that it’s rather a game I wanna play with the media. People are talking so much about it and are so curious to know it, I don’t wanna say anything. Jo sochna hai soche, I don’t worry at all. Either way, people are going to think what they want to. So, me saying yes or no or giving anything a validation makes no sense. First of all, I am not like my dad in that regard. I cannot make for good copies at the expense of my personal life. People should not even expect the same from me. Hence I have made it clear with my silence.”

Yep, she doesn’t care. Wattey-bindaas-babe!