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Alia Bhatt: Family First!

Alia Bhatt


Mumbai, Nov. 9 -- Bollywood actor Alia Bhatt says that her father, film-maker Mahesh Bhatt, only discusses work with her.

"In fact, sometimes, I have to tell him to stop talking about it," she says, adding, "But he always has some advice to give me, or then he wants to read out an excerpt from a book. I love hearing him talk as he makes a lot of sense."

Last month, when Alia was going to perform at the opening ceremony of a football tournament, her father asked her to convey his regards to superstar Rajinikanth (who was also present at the function).

Talking about how her father isn't as social as he used to be, Alia adds, "At one point, my dad used to hang out with everybody. Then he just stopped. He started hanging out with himself, and with the news (smiles). He only watches the news; and that too really loudly. Sometimes, we have to tell him to turn down the volume. Not to say that I need to turn any news channel's volume down; I should only be turning it up," she says, laughing.