Alia Bhatt
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Alia Bhatt is excited to move out of her house, but daddy isn't!

Alia Bhatt

By Tulsi, News Network

Yes! She has finally decided to move out of her house! Till now she has been living with her parents and sister at her Juhu residence. But now, she is busy finding a house for herself.

Hmmm, could this be because of boyfriend Sidharth Malhotra? After all, there were so many rumors that came about regarding him staying most of the nights at her place. Her mom quickly rubbished those rumours. So maybe, that’s the source of Alia’s decision?

Anyway, daddy Mahesh Bhatt isn’t too happy with her decision!

Says Alia: “He was like ‘Why do you have to move out? Why do you need your own place when you have all the privacy you need right here in this house?!’ When I tried to convince him that I had to find my own place he insisted that there must be room for him in my new home. I have tried to explain to him that I am just a breath away, but he is unconvinced. I guess dads will be dads!”

Well, we all know how much Mahesh Bhatt loves his little princess daughter! Only, she’s not little anymore…