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Ali Zafar to play a stretched cameo in Tere Bin Laden 2

Ali Zafar

Pakistani actor-singer Ali Zafar, who played the lead in Tere Bin Laden, will be seen in a stretched cameo in the sequel to the 2010 superhit comedy, says director Abhishek Sharma. Popular TV host, Manish Paul, who made his big screen debut with Mickey Virus, has been roped in to play the lead.

“You will not miss Ali Zafar because he is in the film, but he is playing a stretched cameo. Only Ali could have played the role,” Sharma said.

It seems, Manish came on board because the story demanded a new protagonist. “Ali couldn’t have played Manish’s (Paul) role,” said the director, adding, “This was a very conscious decision by the producers. Usually producers don’t want to change anything in a sequel, but my producers were open about it. They knew the story needed a new protagonist,” he added.

Sharma said that the movie will hit theatres in six months time.

Pradhuman Singh continues to play the Osama Bin Laden look- alike in the sequel.