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Akshaye says he'd love to be part of a sequel to Dil Chahta Hai


Indian cinema has given us films that we can watch again and again. Classics such as Sholay (1975) and Deewar (1975) may top most people’s all-time favourites lists, but Dil Chahta Hai, too, makes the cut at times.

It remains one of Akshaye Khanna’s most celebrated ventures; his portrayal of reticent artist Siddharth drawing much appreciation.

Ask him if he is open to the idea of acting in the film’s sequel, and Akshaye says, “I’ll leave everything to act in it.” But will it be tricky to revisit the film? “I’ll do it provided that the script is fantastic. Also, it has to receive a collective thumbs up from the rest of the team members,” he says.
Akshaye Khanna says he would love to be part of a sequel to Dil Chahta Hai..

In today’s day and age, actors are expected to do a lot more than just act on screen. They need to promote films, be active on social media, etc. Akshaye accepts that times have changed. “Talent took a backseat a long time ago,” he says, adding, “It’s not that it isn’t valued, but these aspects have taken over in the past few years. One mustn’t fight it; one should just accept it and move on. You must have an appetite for this, and I simply don’t have it.”

The actor has worked with film-maker Sajid Nadiadwala for the first time in Dishoom. Talking about him, Akshaye says, “There are few people in our industry who are capable of funding and putting a film together. He’s someone with machinery that works for him. He delegates work, which is also an art.”