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Twinkle married me because Mela did not work: Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar

Mela (2000) might have been a flop at the box office. But the movie definitely changed Akshay Kumar’s life.

Making his debut on Karan Johar’s chat show, Akshay spoke frankly about his wife Twinkle and dished out many details about their married life.

Talking about Twinkle, Akshay revealed on the show, "She was very confident about Mela and said that if the film didn’t work, she would get married. Fortunately for me, Mela flopped, and we got married." Karan then told him to thank Aamir Khan every time he meets him.

Karan and Akshay discussed Twinkle’s absence on the show as well. Karan revealed that the former actor can’t keep her "mouth shut and will talk nonsense and regret it later".

Akshay agreed to this comment, saying, "I tell her be diplomatic, but she is like, 'What is white is white, what is black is black'. There’s no filter in her mind. What she’s thinking just comes out."

Akshay further added that another person with a similar persona is Anil Kapoor. "I still remember, I went to dub for Welcome (2007). When he saw me, he said ‘Akshay, I saw the film. You are nothing in front of me, man'," the actor recounted.