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Shruti Haasan - Akshay Kumar: Gabbar groove!

Akshay Kumar


New Delhi, April 26 -- Actor Shruti Haasan has coined a new title for her Gabbar is Back co-star Akshay kumar - 'health sanyasi'. On their recent visit to HT House for HT City's Stars in the City contest, she said, "There are two things ... one is Akshay Kumar's pranks, and then there are Akshay Kumar's early mornings. Although both have never been an issue for me, I think he is like a health sanyasi."

Akki had his reply ready: "No, I am not. It feels very funny when somebody asks me this question ... Aap subah uth jaate ho? Subah hi toh aadmi uthta hai! Agar aap subah jaldi uth jao ... time management ho hi jata hai ... waise meri zindagi shuru ho jaati hai 4.30-5 baje aur kaafi kaam 10 baje tak khatam ho jata hai. And then there are people jinke kaam 10 baje se shuru hote hain!"

The early riser also did an impromptu headstand (see pic) for a fan who challenged him, and shared his fitness mantra. "The most important thing in life is that you must think positive. I do my workouts for an hour in a day, I eat good food and I do the same things as anyone else does!"

Shruti, meanwhile, sang for the audience in her electric voice, and also spoke about the film, which releases the same day as her father's. "It's really funny because he has been working in this industry for 50 years, so I am sure it's not a clash in his head, it's like comparing a transformer with an ant!"