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Nepalese cops on Akshay duty!

Akshay Kumar


Mumbai, May 8 -- Not many know that for the past few days, Akshay Kumar has been quietly shooting for his upcoming project (a yet-untitled film directed by Neeraj Pandey) in Kathmandu, Nepal.

And now, we have learnt that since the actor has attracted huge crowds in the Himalayan nation, he has got a special security cordon. "Ever since Akshay started shooting, a large number of people would gather to see him. And since the numbers kept swelling, the Nepal Police decided to provide him with a heavy-duty security cordon. As a result, around 30 personnel are guarding him and follow him wherever he goes - for shoots or otherwise," says an insider from the sets.

In fact, the makers were anticipating Akshay's fans to turn up in big numbers right from the beginning. "That's why they tried to keep the shooting locations and other details under complete wraps till the last minute. Not many in Mumbai were aware that Akshay was starting Neeraj's film in Nepal," adds the insider.     

Although Akshay was provided with a "strict security cordon", he has tried to meet his local fans whenever possible. "He has requested the policemen to not be very strict with his fans," adds the insider. Although not much is known about it, Pandey's film will apparently feature Akshay and Taapsee Pannu as "secret agents" in a story that is believed to have been inspired by a "real-life event" according to sources.

Despite repeated attempts, Akshay could not be reached for comment.