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Nepal film association tenders apology to Akshay Kumar's unit

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A few days back, reports suggested that a Nepalese film management company had seized the shooting material of the unit of the Akshay Kumar-starrer, Baby, in Kathmandu after they allegedly failed to pay their dues. Another report claimed that the makers suffered a setback due to the alleged non-payment of dues to a leading hotel in Nepal too.

However, now, the Nepal Film Technician Association (NEFTA) has issued a formal apology to the makers for the “issues (they) had to go through towards the end of the shoot”.

Apparently, all the payments were made to a local coordinator, but he failed to pass them on to the concerned officials.

The letter from NEFTA says, “We strongly condemn the act of some of our colleagues from Nepal. While we take up the matter internally, please don’t come to any conclusion about the Nepali film industry as we have a long way between both the countries (India and Nepal)….”

The letter by the Nepal association further stated, “…kindly accept our apology and continue with your support to promote “Nepal as Filming Destination for Indian films.”

When contacted, the film’s producer Shital Bhatia says, “Despite a situation that occurred between the unit’s local production co-ordinator and a few of their vendors over payments, we had a smooth schedule.” She adds, “In fact, the Nepal Film Association has issued us a formal apology on behalf of their local colleague for unnecessarily dragging our name in an issue that did not even concern us.”