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Lights, Camera.. Akshay!

Akshay Kumar


Mumbai, Sept. 17 -- A few days ago, we had reported how Akshay Kumar performed a stunt involving a sofa and a helicopter for his film with Lisa Haydon. Now, we hear that he turned cameraman during the shoot of his reality show in South Africa.

A source informs us, "One of the acts had the contestants dancing on a platform set on top of a bus. They had to perform while the vehicle was in motion. After a couple of acts, Akshay suddenly went on the platform with a camera in his hand, and asked the contestant to dance while he filmed from different angles."

When contacted, contestant Scarlett Wilson, a British model and dancer seen in films like Shanghai (2012) and R... Rajkumar (2013), says, "I felt so lucky because he was on stage with me."