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'I work because I want to, not because I need to': Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar


New Delhi, Oct. 17 -- Actor Akshay Kumar, who is known to deliver comedy with as much ease as action, says when he was starting out, he didn't think he'd become the big star that he is today. But now, he is in a comfortable position, where he doesn't need to work for money. "I never thought I would reach here, never," says Akshay.

Despite the stardom, nothing has changed, he says. "Nothing has changed. I am still the same person. I still work equally hard. There's no change, expect for the balance in my account, which has increased," he says.

And what else has changed is the fact that now he doesn't have to work for money, as he says he works because he wants to. "I am at that stage in life where I don't need to work. I work because I want to, because I like working," says Akshay, who still calls himself a "proud Delhi boy."

The actor, who often visits the bylanes of Old Delhi in the wee hours, says, "I probably had the most adventurous childhood, thanks to the Capital," says Akshay, adding, "When my family moved to Mumbai from Delhi when I was a kid, I would count days until I could visit my grandma in Chandni Chowk. I learnt all my tricks here."