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Foodaholic Akki!

Akshay Kumar


New Delhi, Nov. 2 -- Akshay Kumar is a true-blue Delhi boy and has never hesitated to talk about his love for food, which he associates with his place of birth in the Capital.

Talking to us, he says that since he was born in the Paranthewali Gali in Old Delhi, he has a very old association with food.

"Jahan meri paidayash hai wahaan khana hi khana hai - parathewali gali mein," he says adding that he has always loved the food of Delhi and makes sure that he digs into his favourite dishes when he is in the city for work commitments.

However, the 47-year-old actor says that when it comes to food that he loves to eat and prepare, there's no matching Gobi ke Paranthe. "I love to prepare Gobi ke Paranthe, and when it comes to desserts, I don't ever miss fruit cream from Giani's fruit cream near Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib (Chandni Chowk)," says the actor who was a cook in Bangkok, before he made his debut in Bollywood films.