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Bollywood Stars: Take a break!

Akshay Kumar


Mumbai, July 18 -- Recently, Hollywood actor Josh Hartnett, known for films like Pearl Harbour (2001) and Black Hawk Down (2001), put his acting career on hold because he wanted a break. He has moved back to his hometown and is doing all the things he wanted to do, such as catching up with his friends and doing indie projects.

We wonder if Bollywood actors would ever take such a step, which comes with a lot of risks like fading away from public memory and losing out on lucrative projects. We ask the stars themselves to find out.     

Sonakshi Sinha    I don't think I'd like to take a long sabbatical. The shelf life of an actress is very short as compared to the actors.... Plus, I'm really enjoying my work, and I don't see the need to take a break.     

Akshay Kumar     I want to be in the industry till they want to shoot me (laughs). And why should one (take a break)? The problem here is that everyone has a short memory... What if you come back and no one wants to work with you?    

Kareena Kapoor Khan     I think, in India, actors tend to take their fame too seriously... It becomes the be all and end all of our life, without us realising that acting is a job we all enjoy... while fame is something we receive as a beautiful pay off. But life is also about sport, travel and meeting interesting people. Even while you enjoy fame, it is lovely to take off on a yacht and read a book.    

Vidya Balan     I enjoy my fame, but in between film releases, I like to take my 'me-time' breaks - time where I do my own thing, away from the prying eyes of the media. At that time, I don't attend social functions, don't make public appearances etc... And I'm not on any social media so that also helps... That gives me the best of both worlds, and therefore, I don't feel the need for a sabbatical.