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Bollywood: Marathi musings?

Akshay Kumar

New Delhi, Feb. 17 -- The bridge between the Hindi film industry and the Marathi film industry is blurring and how. With Bollywood actors showing an increased affinity for producing Marathi films or expressing an intention to do the same, we give you a low down on this new trend riding B-town.    


The veteran actor produced his first Marathi film, Vihir, under his company AB Corp in the year 2010. His marathi connection goes further down with him acting in a Marathi film (Akka) made by his makeup man, Deepak Sawant. The actor was quoted as saying, "For the past couple of years, Marathi cinema has made huge progress in terms of its quality, content and performance. Hindi cinema has always had actors from Marathi stage and films. We might produce some more (Marathi films)."    


The actor produced his first Marathi film, 72 Miles - Ek Pravas, last year and is now producing his second film titled Anntar, starring actors Sumeet Raghavan and Tanisha Mukerjee. On his plans for Marathi cinema, Akshay was quoted as saying, "The Marathi film industry is growing and people here are intelligent and focused. I would want to produce more films in this language."    


If reports are to be believed then actor Shah Rukh Khan is collaborating with filmmaker Rohit Shetty to produce Marathi films. Rohit was quoted as saying, "Yes, we are looking at producing Marathi films, but it is too early to talk about it. A few friends from the Marathi film industry have already narrated their scripts to me. I liked couple of them and I look forward to producing these ventures. The production of my first Marathi venture should start perhaps this year end or next year.    


The actor, who has already produced Marathi film, Balak Palak, in the past, is thrilled with the progress that Marathi cinema has made recently. "In addition to being my mother tongue, it's a industry where content is truly progressive and gutsy. I feel proud seeing the Marathi film industry evolve so rapidly. The favorable response from the audience, gives us producers strength to make films on subjects that otherwise are looked at as risky propositions," Riteish, who is producing two upcoming Marathi films, Yellow and Lai Bhaari, said.