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Avinash, Akki's old connect!

Akshay Kumar


New Delhi, April 9 -- Actor Avinash Wadhawan, who is currently working in a popular TV show, has also had a successful career in films during the 90's. Talking about his 'filmy' days, the actor gets nostalgic about his old friend, actor Akshay Kumar.

"My struggle started in early 90's and during that period I became friends with Rajiv Bhatia, who is today known as Akshay Kumar. Rajiv and I would go to dancing classes together. Since we both lived in Lokhandwala (Mumbai) and had common goals, we started socialising together. Our friendship was short-lived because soon we both got busy in our respective careers," says the Junoon and Geet (1992) fame actor, adding, "He always wanted me to join his judo-karate training sessions and I would simply excuse myself. We also used to exchange our nice clothes during photo sessions."    

The actor, however, says that the two haven't caught up, ever since. "We don't meet anymore... our professions keep us very busy," says the actor, who has also done films such as Awaz De Kahan Hai, Aayee Milan Ki Raat and Papi Gudiya.    

Avinash also fondly remembers how he and Akshay changed their names together. "Both me and Akshay changed our names around the same time. I changed my name to Avinash from Rakesh, while Akshay changed his name, Rajiv," he says.