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Akshay's in a holiday mode!

Akshay Kumar


Mumbai, June 14 -- After the success of their latest film, Holiday - A Soldier Is Never Off Duty, Akshay Kumar and producer Vipul Shah are in holiday mode themselves.

Akshay is already vacationing in Mauritius along with his family, while Vipul is waiting for his film to touch the '100 crore mark to plan his holiday. "I will go on a vacation once the film makes '100 crore. Usually, I like to go to a wildlife sanctuary or to a scuba-diving location, but this time I am thinking of learning an adventure sport, like dirt-biking. Let's see what time permits," says Vipul.

Trade experts say that the film is already a big hit. "It is a very well-made thriller. The film is good, plus the word-of-mouth [publicity] is very strong. That's why the film is performing extremely well," says trade analyst Taran Adarsh.