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Akshay turns babysitter..

Akshay Kumar


Mumbai, April 1 -- Akshay Kumar is leaving no stone unturned to prove that he's indeed a hands-on dad. The actor, who is currently shooting in Dubai for his upcoming film, Airlift, has his kids, Aarav (12) and Nitara (2) with him for company, and is taking care of them in between work.

"Akshay, who left for Dubai last week, also took his kids along. But for the first time, Twinkle (Khanna; wife) hasn't accompanied him. So, Akshay is shooting for the film, and also taking care of his kids," says an insider.

Interestingly, this is the first time that Akshay has gone on a trip with his two-year-old daughter without Twinkle.

"Aarav has joined him on foreign shoots a few times in the past, but both his kids have never been with him," adds the insider.

Apparently, Akshay only plans his shoot in a way that he also gets enough time to be with hishi kids. "After his pack-up every day, Akshay makes sure his kids don't go out and have fun. He takes them around the city. In fact, the entire unit has become fond of the kids, especially Nitara," says the insider.

Despite repeated attempts, Akshay couldn't be reached for a comment.