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Akshay swears by Vijender Singh's diet plan!

Akshay Kumar


New Delhi, March 28 -- Bollywood newbie Akshay Oberoi is on a special diet these days. The actor, who has been asked to develop a boxer's physique for his role in one of his upcoming releases, has adopted a diet plan that is followed by boxing champion, Vijender Singh.

Giving more details, a source close to Akshay says, "Akshay and Vijender's body type is similar, so when he was asked by his director to look like a boxer, it only made sense to follow the diet and workout of a boxer to get the desired look for his film."

Interestingly, Akshay plays a Haryanvi in the film, and Vijender, too hails from Haryana; so he served as a perfect role model, says the source, adding, "Akshay's local trainer from Haryana recommended him Vijender's diet. Ever since, he has been working out and following that customised fitness plan."

That's not all. To better his act, Akshay is also watching Vijender's interviews online to adapt his style of speaking and body language, reveals our source.