Akshay Kumar
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Akshay Kumar's selfie debut is hotter than any other star's!

Akshay Kumar

By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

Well, almost. We still love Shahid Kapoor’s selfies the most. But anyway, here’s why Akshay’s selfie is so delicious!

One: Because it’s Akshay Kumar. Two: Because he’s shirtless. Three: Because he is still in his Gabbar Is Back avatar and we love it!

Akshay Kumar has posted his first selfie on Instagram! Previously, he was posting pictures of his family, friends and films. But come on, what’s an Instagram account without some drool-inducing selfies, right?

So here it is! And he has decided to do it shirtless, showing off his chiseled body and shoulder tattoos. The caption says: “It’s been a while friends, wishing u all a happy #Sunday. Enjoy my very first Selfish #Selfie   #Brothers #FitTheHealthyWay #IfICanDoItSoCanYou.”

Yes, we cannot wait for his next film Brothers, where he will be sharing screen space with the equally yummy Sidharth Malhotra!