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Akshay Kumar's Boss breaks world record!

Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It’ held the Guinness World Record for being the largest poster in the world. Akshay Kumar’s upcoming film Boss breaks the record.

The actor's fan club, Team Akshay, put together logistics into place and work made the special poster of Boss aiming to make it the largest poster in the world. The poster was completed in four months.

The largest poster in the world was unveiled at Little Gransden Airfield, Little Gransden, UK, on October 03, 2013. Macro Arts (UK) did the manufacturing of the poster. Incidentally, Macro Arts is the same company that made Michael Jackson’s poster.

The world’s largest poster of Boss is 58.87 metres wide and 54.94 metres high. When the Guinness officials came to measure it, it was recorded that the poster beat Michael Jackson’s record by a 15-20 percent margin.

The official certification for the same was done in the UK and the Boss poster also finds a mention on the official Guinness website.

Reacting to the develpment, Akshay Kumar said, "It's a matter of honor. I thank everyone who made this possible."

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