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Akshay Kumar trains visually-impaired girls..

Akshay Kumar


New Delhi, Jan. 31 -- Akshay Kumar, who was a professional martial arts trainer before his acting career took off, started a free-of-cost martial arts training for women last year, in association with Yuva Sena chief Aaditya Thackeray. Since the past few weeks, about a dozen visually-impaired girls - in the age group of 16-28 - have also started participating in these classes.

"Yes, the girls have been getting lessons in self-defence at a sports complex in Mumbai. They are accompanied by their guardians - mostly parents - who help them understand the instructor. The number of visually-impaired girls attending the classes has been increasing continuously. Akshay is happy, as he feels strongly about training girls in basic self-defence techniques. From time to time, he gets personally involved to ensure that they feel encouraged," says an insider.

When contacted, Akshay said, "Having the honour to teach such wonderful girls and put smiles on their faces, leaves an imprint on my heart. People think it's the children who are lucky to have this opportunity, but I'm the lucky one, as I get to be a part of their growth. If I do nothing else in life, I want to instill confidence and power in women, and help them stand as strong as they can in this world."