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Akshay Kumar: Getting Cheeky!

Akshay Kumar


Mumbai, Dec. 11 -- On Tuesday (December 9), there were rumours claiming that Akshay Kumar had slapped a fan on the sets of a film. The man had apparently tried to breach the security cordon and even tried clicking pictures with the actor without seeking his permission, thereby leading to Akshay losing his cool.

However, a friend of the actor is quick to deny the incident, saying, "Akshay is flabbergasted by the rumour. He has never hit anyone. He is surprised by how people go to any length to make up a story - even one that's technically wrong, since he is currently shooting for a different film from the one mentioned in the report."

We couldn't reach Akshay for a comment, but the actor tweeted on Tuesday, saying, "Amused at seeing the news on various platforms about me losing my cool and slapping a fan on the sets of Gabbar! For the past 2 months I have been shooting for Brothers, funny how some idle minds cook up the most ridiculous stories (sic)."