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Akshay Kumar chooses Thailand!

Akshay Kumar

Mumbai, Nov. 28 -- Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar's first Punjabi production, Bhaji In Problem, has been received well in India and in markets overseas.

So much so that film-makers from Bangkok and Malaysia have shown their interest in remaking the movie.    

However, we've now found out that Akshay is keen on selling the remake rights to makers in Bangkok because of his "personal and emotional" connect with the city.    

Back in the '80s, Akshay trained in martial arts and Muay Thai (Thailand's local combat sport) while he was in the capital. It is around then that he also worked as a chef and waiter at a restaurant there.    

Confirming the news, Akshay says, "We have got a lot of offers for Bhaji... remakes, but I am considering the Thai offer seriously. Also, don't forget, the country has a huge Indian population too.