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Akshay Kumar: This boss doesn't need a heroine!

New Delhi, Oct. 15 -- It is not for nothing that actor Akshay Kumar has earned   himself the title of Khiladi Kumar. Akshay, sure knows how to play to the gallery.

So, when the 46-year-old came calling for HT City's Star In The City on Monday to promote his film Boss, he decided to arm wrestle, dance and rap with his fans.

Accompanied by the film's director, Anthony D'Souza, the actor was asked about why he's been saying that he doesn't need a leading lady. "I have said 'this film' doesn't need a heroine...not that none of my films requires a heroine. Mere saath kam karna band kar dengi yaar agar mein aisa bolunga toh," he joked. Asked to shake a leg to Yo Yo Honey Singh's hit track, Party All Night from Boss, Akki not only danced but also sang along.

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