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Akshay has a close shave!

Akshay Kumar


Mumbai, March 30 -- For nearly six months, he sported a thick bearded look for one of his upcoming films. But on Friday (March 28) night, Akshay Kumar shaved off his facial hair to acquire a new look.    

Interestingly though, the actor "was a bit sad" but went ahead since his kids - 11-year-old son Aarav and one-and-a-half-year-old daughter Nitara - were excited about it.  

"Technically speaking, Akshay had to change his look for other parts of the same film. But since he shot with the beard for five months, in addition to growing it for over a month, he had gotten very attached to the look. That's why he wasn't kicked about shaving it off but he knew his children didn't like his hairy avatar," says a source close to the actor.  

When contacted, Akshay confirms the development, saying, "Yes, I was a bit sad about shaving off my beard but at the same time, I knew that my kids were looking forward to it (no-beard look)."    

Soon after he took off the facial buzz, Akshay posted pictures and also wrote accompanying messages on his Instagram page: "Well? I may miss it, but my kids are gonna be happy ;) My daughter hated the beard coz it tickled, cant wait to surprise them (sic)."    

Akshay had grown the beard for his film that also stars Shruti Haasan. His new look - a moustache and a goatee (see pic) - is also meant for the same film.