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Akshay breaks his rule for a junior assistant director

Akshay Kumar


Actor Akshay Kumar is known to maintain his distance from parties, and is rarely spotted at Bollywood bashes. So, when a junior assistant director (AD), who is working on Akki’s upcoming film, invited the actor to his wedding, he wasn’t sure he would attend. However, Akki made it special for him by attending the function.

“Recently, during the shoot of the film, a junior AD, Vardhan Ketkar approached Akshay to invite him for his wedding. Although he extended an invite, he wasn’t sure if Akshay would turn up considering his busy schedule, despite the latter assuring him that he would. But Akshay surprised Vardhan by keeping his promise and turning up,” says an insider.

Akshay took out time to travel a considerable distance on a Sunday. “Generally, Sundays are meant for his family, and that’s why he never accepts any request for an appearance if it falls on that day. Vardhan couldn’t stop thanking Akshay enough. It was the biggest day of his life,” adds the insider.    

Akshay has been shooting continuously for the film and has become quite close to the unit members. “He feels that on a film set, ADs are among those who work the hardest and so he admires them a lot,” the insider tells us.