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Akki's never strapped for time!

Akshay Kumar


New Delhi, June 3 -- Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is perhaps among the busiest actors in the Hindi film industry today.

While two of his movies (Baby and Gabbar is Back) have already released and are some of the topgrossers this year, he has wrapped up yet another and is filming two others.

While there are many in the industry who say 'we like to stick to a one-filma-year formula', Khiladi Kumar says "bring it on".

"There is no magic formula, it's very simple...it's called time management, my darling," says Akshay in his signature cool, adding, "I can do all these films because I can manage my time well."

And that's true. His industry colleagues and journalists who approach him for interviews know that unlike many Bollywood actors, Akshay rises with the rising sun. For instance, his Gabbar director Krish recalls, "He called me one day and said, 'Krish we will read the script tomorrow at 6'. I said, 'Sir, I will be there'. And then he said, he would wake me at 5, which is when I realised he was talking about 6.00 am." That's just one of the many stories about Kumar's famed early morning meetings.

He says nonchalantly, "But we used to get up early for school also, right? So what has changed now? I don't know why people think it is a big deal to get up in the morning, aren't we supposed to get up in the morning?" says the 47-year-old actor, who is known to exercise regularly and is probably one of the original six-pack actors. Actor Shruti Haasan even calls him a "health sanyasi".

Although many actors like to bask in the success of their films, Akshay gets high on the work itself. "It feels nice to get all the appreciation for my last two releases, but I am already busy with my forthcoming films. Being an actor is like being on a paid holiday. There is nothing to stress about, I love working," he says.

Akki adds, "I love doing commercial films with a message, and now I am itching to do a comedy. I am looking forward to Housefull 3, too."