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Who is Ajay's biggest critic?!

Ajay Devgan


New Delhi, Dec. 12 -- Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn has said that his 11-year old daughter Nysa is his biggest critic. Ajay's daughter not only watches his movies and tells him how good or bad he was in the film, but also gives him 'fashion' feedback.

So, when we caught up with Bollywood's original action hero, he shared with us that Nysa wasn't happy with his look in the hit film, Singham Returns. "When my daughter watched the film, she called me back and went like 'Dad what shoes are you wearing!", says Ajay.

But what did she have to say about his latest release? "She called me, but I was not able to speak to her at that time. So, in her excitement, she sent me a text which read, 'OMG'. I was so happy that she liked the film," said Ajay, adding that his daughter enjoys watching him in comedy roles.