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All Award shows are rigged: Ajay Devgn

Ajay Devgan

Actor Ajay Devgn has mastered the craft of acting in parallel cinema on the one hand, and rolling out Rs. 100-crore masala films on the other. And, he has also mastered the art of avoiding film award functions.

The actor indulged everyone with some frank talk at the HT Leadership Summit, 2013, in a rivetting session moderated by Vir Sanghvi, saying, “I feel all awards in India are rigged. You know how the business operates, it’s a money making thing.” On being prodded to explain, he said, “They have to sell the function to the TV channel, promising that big stars will turn up. So, whichever star says they’ll come and perform, gets the award. I haven’t been to an award function in 15 years. Even Aamir (Khan) doesn’t go. They are such a farce.”

He also confessed that he fooled the organisers of an award show once. “I kept telling them that I’d be there till the last moment. I never turned up, but I got three awards,” he laughs.

Devgn also admitted that he is a quiet person who doesn’t like to socialise much, but enjoys his drink at home. He confessed that he curbed his drinking 10 years back when his daughter Nysa was born. However, smoking is something that he “quits every night” and has not been able to give up completely. “Once, I had quit for 40 days, after that I was in the ICU. So I don’t try quitting anymore,” he said during an interaction after the session.

On a lighter note, asked if his own indulgences were alcohol and smokes, his witty retort: “What else, cocaine? No. My generation prefers alcohol over anything else. Coke is the next generation thing.”