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Ajay: Women are better than men..


Mumbai, Sept. 28 -- While some actors prefer to invest their time wholly in films, there are others who choose to work towards social causes as well.

Be it speaking up against animal cruelty or supporting gay rights - actors such as Sunny Leone, John Abraham and Celina Jaitley have often brought out their humanitarian sides. Now, Ajay Devgn has been roped in to be the goodwill ambassador for Smile Foundation. The national organisation has been instrumental in supporting education for girls and women empowerment.

Ajay, who has been associated with the organisation for the past five years, says "celebrities need to support" such causes. "Celebrities need to be part of such initiatives because people will listen to them. Only when people get together can things change. The Smile Foundation can only do something up to a point," he says.

Ask him if a particular incident encouraged him to take up this cause, and the star says one "doesn't need incidents to support such causes". He adds that he has always understood concepts from a "woman's perspective".

"I have grown up mostly around women. From my mother, my aunt and my sisters to Kajol, and now my daughter Nysa - I have always understood their point of view. I have maintained that I respect women. They are better than men. That's because women evolve, men don't. When a girl is born, she becomes a daughter, a sister, a sister-in-law, a mother, etc. She keeps moving on. But a man always remains a man," says Ajay.

The actor feels that the media needs to support such initiatives. "We can support such initiatives, but it is the media's job to take them forward," he says.