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Ajay Devgn: I'm still shaken up that Nysa has gone abroad to study


Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn has always been known as the quintessential tough, macho hero, and films such as Singham (2011) and the recent heist thriller Baadshaho have further enhanced that image. 
But what very few people know is that Ajay melts easily when it comes to indulging his kids, daughter Nysa, 14, and son Yug, who turns seven on September 13.
He reveals that at home, he is the one who spoils the children and that his wife, actor Kajol, holds the reins. “Kajol is the strict one, and handles the discipline of the house. What [Nysa and Yug] don’t get from her, they come and complain to me, and I give them whatever they want. But I also say, ‘Don’t tell this to your mom!’” laughs the 48-year-old. And what happens when Kajol eventually gets to know about it? Ajay says, “First, she gets annoyed. I ask her to calm down, and then I tell her that it’s my decision!”
But Ajay realises that it’s important to keep his kids grounded. He says, “However indulgent I might be, I draw some lines. My upbringing at home has been typically very middle-class. Me having a very big house and everything doesn’t change things. I still live in a joint family; my parents (Veeru and Veena Devgn) stay with me. The kind of upbringing my kids have got is also similar. They know what’s right and wrong.”
Nysa has recently gone abroad to Singapore to complete her schooling. Asked how difficult the decision was, Ajay says, “I am still shaken up. She’s only 14, and she has never been alone and left the house. The whole family is a little upset, but she’s adjusting there well, so I am happy about that.”