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Ajay Devgn: 'Films are not for messages'

Ajay Devgan


Mumbai, July 31 -- If you were to look at the films Ajay Devgn has done over the last few years, you'll find that masala, action titles dominate the list. But the man has also done his share of romantic, as well as offbeat, films in the past. Here, he reveals that he would like to work in different genres, but doesn't get offered the right scripts; and why, the onus of recovering a producer's money lies with actors.    

Have you decided to concentrate solely on action films? We haven't seen you in a romantic film, or something offbeat, on the lines of Zakhm (1998) or Raincoat (2004), in a long time.    

I haven't heard a script that would inspire me to do a romantic film. If something like Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha (1998) comes my way, I'll definitely do it. I've been accepted in all genres, and I don't think I should let that go. I want to do a film like Zakhm, or Raincoat, but I haven't heard a script as good as those. I'm getting more commercial films with larger than- life characters, and that's become my image. I'd want to try and break that by doing parallel cinema.    

You've done your share of '100 crore films. But should that be a yardstick to judge films by?    

I don't know about '100 cr or '200 cr, but the box office does matter. It's business for the producers, so you have to recover the money they have spent.    

Tell us about your wife, Kajol's comeback film, which you are producing.    

It's a women-centric film, and she will start shooting in October. It's too early to give out any other details.    

Is it awkward for you to romance actresses on screen who are much younger than you in real life?    

We never think of this age gap. Today's generation is such that a 10-12 year age gap doesn't matter, in real life either. Heroines have a short shelf life. Luckily, we [male actors] have been here for the last 25 years, so we don't have a choice.    

Would Kajol and you like your kids to take up acting when they grow up?    

That's their call. They are too young to decide that at the moment. Right now, their education is the priority, and later, whatever field they choose, we will support them.    

As an action hero, do you miss doing real stunts, like you used to in your earlier films?    

Singham Returns is more realistic. We have kept it [the action] very real. There were a lot of sequences that required the use of cables, but I did the stunts without them. I did that because I wanted to prove to myself that I am still capable of doing what I could do 20 years ago.